C.E. Lawrance & Associates (VIC) Pty Ltd is a small, efficient company employing fully qualified and registered engineers, specializing in professional site inspections, soil testing and footing designs for all buildings constructions requirements. We also assess structural damage to buildings and recommend remedial options.

The Building act 1993, the building code of Australia and recent changes in the Australian Standards AS 2870 2011 have affected the building industry, particularly in the requirements that design work must be undertaken by registered personnel. It makes sense to have all work associate with the design and inspection of the responsibilities of architects/ builders/ owners are not compromised in any way.

Cost reduction is another {Great} major benefit to be gained from the expertise of our qualified engineers. Since all footing and foundation work must be accurately costed, it is most important that sound information is available. Hence a soil report and an appropriate footing design will ensure that costs are minimized and that the risk of unexpected cost over-run is reduced or eliminated.

C.E. Lawrance & Associates carry out soil testing and reports throughout the greater metropolitan Melbourne, as well Country Victoria if required.

C.E.Lawrance & Associates Offer:

  • Fast response to all requests, with reports typically within 6-8 working days and 3-5 days for footing designs. For clients using the appropriate technology, email transfer of reports and drawings can effectively reduce turnaround time.
  • Footing inspections to ensure that construction is in full compliance with approved plans.
  • Full telephone support during estimating or construction, saving time by providing quick solutions to most general and technical enquiries.
  • Rapid on-site attendance by a fully qualified engineer, at a small additional cost, to address construction problems which cannot be resolved by a telephone call.
  • Conduct of in-house seminars to assist project personnal in the better management of the grade associated with footing construction.

If required, we can also undertake a survey to establish levels at the corners of a site, at any changers of grade and over the proposed building envelope, as well as minor structural computations.

Please contact Charles or Margaret Lawrance to discuss your requirements.